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Disclaimer: I'm a very new nurse. I'm a new nurse, previously worked as an aid in the hospital. Same floor. Same hospital. Comfortable with some of the people. (Can't win them all) I've had a rough time starting my nursing career. I started at the beginning of the pandemic. My first one as a healthcare worker. I'm new. I get it. I guess the purpose of this post is advice/encouragement. I work on a medsurg floor. Heavy on ortho. I'm comfortable with it. I know the types of patients. I'm just frustrated and feel like I'm not learning. More so surviving. I'm still precepting, but my manager has taken upon herself to decide that I'm ready to be on my own, and for the last couple of shifts has tried to separate me from my precepter. My time is ending as a preceptee, but I still have time. I didn't think that was a decision she can make seeing how she hasn't even talked to me about how I am doing. Idk if it's nerves, but I don't feel ready. Our floor is extremely short staffed. We are doing complete total care on 7 patients. With my tech back ground, I'm very familiar with patient care. That's not a problem at all. I dont mind that. I'm just so overwhelmed because I feel like I've become a task nurse. I plan my night out, not being able to think things through, going from on task to another. I suppose there is some critical thinking. But I feel like I miss so much. I notice it especially when I give report. What meds I gave? I know it. Last pain med? I know when. But why? I have no idea. Am I doing something wrong? I feel lost. I'm sure this kind of post comes up all the time. I just feel like I am being pushed to be on another level because I was a tech there, and I should know these things. But I wasn't a tech long. Almost two years. There are people who make a career out of it. So I know there are better people out there. I feel like I'm being pushed to be something I'm not to just make staffing better. I'm so overwhelmed. Nothing has every stopped me from reaching my goals. But I feel that im set up for failure. And I don't want to fail because that's someone's life. I don't know if this post makes sense. I worked last night on one of hardest shifts that I've experienced, and I can't sleep. Thank you for your time.
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