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I'm a new nurse under 1 year in. I took a job where I did my practicum. Initially, I loved it. I loved coming for my clinical days, I was excited and looked forward to them. I thought it was my dream job for the short term. I have been finding the last few months I'm dreading it. My hospital has moved into a brand new facility and has had its own set of issues. Senior staff are leaving. My managers are mindless to the bigger problems and aren't supportive. I'm exhausted and I dread going to work now. I have tried applying for other jobs, but I haven't heard anything back. I have applied for different positions with a lower EFT but more senior staff are getting those. I am conflicted on what to do. I recognize I don't have much experience and a lot of places want experience. I feel that I might be stuck here for awhile until I get more experience. In the meantime, I have been looking at other educational opportunities (nothing crazy, couple courses for certificates) I'm worried the grass might not be greener on the other side. I also don't want to get a job elsewhere and dislike it even more than I do now.
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