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Nella Conferenza Stato-Regioni del 16 gennaio 2003, l'Operatore Socio Sanitario Specializzato è stato definito come una nuova figura professionale che trova sintesi nei distinti profili professionali degli operatori dell’area sociale e di quella sanitaria e risponde in modo più adeguato all’evoluzione dei servizi alla persona, intesa nella globalità dei suoi bisogni.Dal 2003 ad oggi però questa figura non è stata ancora riconosciuta in tutte le regioni d'Italia, pertanto sono sempre meno gli Oss che non ritengono opportuno iscriversi a corsi di riqualifica finalizzati all'ottenimento della terza S.

Voi cosa ne pensate? Conoscete qualcuno che lavora come Operatore Socio Sanitario con formazione complementare? Se sì, in quali regioni?
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I hope this fits here. I work in a nursing home as a new nurse. Every shift I try new things to bond with my patients so that I can connect with them. Today I was having trouble talking to one so I called his daughter to get info on his favorite past hobbies and what his life was like so I could get an idea. When I started asking him about his old motorcycles and life being a pilot his face lit up!! We chatted for as long as I could. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in being busy but I’m trying to make an effort every shift to personally be there for them emotionally. Especially because they cannot see their families right now due to Covid !
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lmathlib.c, lstrlib.c: get familiar with the external C API. Don't bother with the pattern matcher though. Just the easy functions.

lapi.c: Check how the API is implemented internally. Only skim this to get a feeling for the code. Cross-reference to lua.h and luaconf.h as needed.

lobject.h: tagged values and object representation. skim through this first. you'll want to keep a window with this file open all the time.

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